Spiritual Community on the Base of Metaphysical Tradition




The Turiya community was established in 2005. The goal of the initiative was to create a spiritual community whose members wish to realize the perfect metaphysical awakening - starting from the common spiritual base of Metaphysical Tradition. This base is known as Perennial Philosophy or Traditionalism in English speaking countries. Founders of the group have been deeply influenced by the great traditional thinkers of the 20nd century, René Guénon, Julius Evola, Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy in the first place and Hungarian representatives of traditionalist thought Béla Hamvas and András László.

The group investigates both theoretical and practical questions but theoretical questions are generally approached from the point of view of the different paths and methods of metaphysical realization. Traditionalism provides us a common starting point: a common spiritual base and a common language. Nevertheless most group members think that the connection to a living tradition is indispensable. Group members follow different traditional spiritual ways, our main interests covering the Yogic, Vedantic, Buddhist and Christian ways and methods.

The group was organized on the internet. We have a mailing group where new members may join. We organize personal meetings and participation on meetings is a condition of membership. This limits the membership geographically to Hungary but we think our initiative would lose its meaning without personal contacts.
Meetings always focus on a specific theme mostly related to particular aspects of spiritual paths.
Some topics discussed in the past:

- To what extent is it necessary to join the exoterical line of a specific tradition, to participate in its religious life, in line with the esoteric aspect of that tradition?
- Accessibility of "initiation maps" in different traditions. Significance of knowledge of the paths.
- The place and role of happiness and serenity in meditative absorptions and realization paths.
- The seven states of Turiya.
- Hindrances of realization in everyday life.
- Functions of counsciousness (series): the role of thinking, feeling and volition during preparation and realization practice.
- (Volitional) love as spiritual practice aiming at the dissolution of limits of individuality in traditions.
- Initation death. The significance of death.
- Traditional approaches to the body. The adequate spiritual approach to the body.
- The mind-body (nama-rupa) approach of the Buddhist (Theravadin) Abhidhamma. Consciousness processes according to Abhidhamma.
- 9 or 12 states of consciousness in the Kashmir Shaiva tantra.
- Approaches of Non-being and "nothing".

If you wish to contact us you might do so at the email address below.